A Manifesto for Teaching Love in Schools
Education Throughout the Ages
For Universal Minds
Foundations of Neohumanist Education
Gurukula Education
I Can Draw the Sun
I Love Yoga
In Search of Ideal Education
Neo Humanistic Education
Neo-Humanist Education: A Documentation on NHE Schools Around the World
Neo-Humanist Education: Education for a New World
Neohumanism: A Renaissance in Education
Neohumanist Educational Futures
Nourishing a Thirst for Limitlessness
Start the Day With Love
Teach Me to Fly
The Circle of Love/God
The Education of Peace
The NHE Way
Thoughts for a New Era
YES: Yoga Education in Schools
Yoga Touch

Children’s books:

Honey Bee and Red Lotus
I Am the Stars
In the Land of Hattamala
MV+ and the Golden Chamber
Safe and Sound
The Fairy’s Flowers
The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea
Who Am I?
Who Can Ride the Tiger
Yoga Roots: Shiva Stories for Children