In Search of Microvita: Completing the Cosmological Equation
Microvita: Cosmic Seeds of Life
The Microvita Revolution
Baba's New Science of the Future
The New Science of Microvita
The New Concept of Microvita
Microvita: A Holistic Paradigm for a New Science of Matter, Life and Health
Microvita and Brahmacakra
Microvita and the Structure of Electrons and Photons
Microvita and the Body Politic
Microvita and Other Spaces
The Internal Being
The Microvitic Atom
Bulletin on Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine
The Creative Vortex of the Causal Matrix
The Geometric Origin of Selective Colour Empathy
The Geometric Origin of Selective Sound Perception
Microvita and the Future of the Scientific Method
Microvita and Transformative Information
Particles and Interactions in Shrii PR Sarkar’s Four-Chamber Cosmology
The Sub-Wave Fabric of the Universe
The Tao of Waves
A Still Unused Ontology
Mathematical Foundations of Biopsychology 1
Mathematical Foundations of Biopsychology 2
Mathematical Foundations of Biopsychology 3
Microvita and the Concept of Neuronal Assemblies
Microvita and the Dualism of Body and Mind
Microvita and the Various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
Microvita and the Quantum Zeno Effect 1
Microvita and the Quantum Zeno Effect 2
Microvita and the Quantum Zeno Effect 3
Microvita Research 1 
Microvita Research 2
Microvita Research 3
A New Science of Reality 1 
A New Science of Reality 2
On Imaginary Space
On the Relativity of Subjective Time
The Real, the Imaginary and Beyond
Sadhana and Interiority
Climate-Driven Polar Motion 2003–2015
A Snapshot of Foundational Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics

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