BabaPrabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921-1990) was a philosopher, social reformer, revolutionary, composer, linguist, humanitarian and spiritual master. He founded Ananda Marga (the Path of Bliss), a spiritual and social service movement that offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development practices on a non-commercial basis, as well as social service programs such as schools, children's homes, disaster relief and community development.

Shrii P.R. Sarkar was a prolific author, producing an extensive body of work aimed at increasing human welfare such as the Social Cycle, the Progressive Utilization Theory, the theory of Microvita and the philosophy of Neohumanism.

Through his teachings and example, P.R. Sarkar inspired thousands of people to aspire to the highest goals of human life, and to assume greater responsibility for the welfare of humanity and indeed the entire universe.

The P.R. Sarkar Institute is an initiative of Ananda Marga Gurukula for the research, development and outreach of P.R. Sarkar's teachings and related ideas. PRSI hosts a comprehensive online database of P.R. Sarkar's works and related resources, forums for research and development, and media for the outreach of progressive educational materials.

The P.R. Sarkar Institute is a global institute acting as:

1. A resource library, primarily digital, available to those working in the various fields of research, development and outreach.

2. A medium for the research, investigation, interpretation, understanding and presentation of P.R. Sarkar's works and seminal concepts. Multiple sections of research and development will be curated by affiliated scholars, researchers and writers in their associated fields of expertise.

3. A medium for the expansion and outreach of P.R. Sarkar's thoughts and related ideas through media such as innovative talks and presentations, books, films, videos, audios, online media, multimedia displays, installations, interactive experiences, music and the arts, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

4. An interface for networking, exchange of ideas and collaboration with experts and professionals in their associated fields. Discussion groups, forums, blogs and other media for facilitating the sharing of ideas will be hosted within each discipline, networking with bodies of genuine shared interest in the mainstream community.

5. A publications distribution point, with eventually a physical and/or online bookshop.

6. A global retreat hub to host its associated scientists, researchers, academic fellows and students for discussions, problem-solving, deep introspection and inspiration.

The P.R. Sarkar Institute operates through its three main divisions:

Bullet   Resources (P.R. Sarkar's works, related resources and publications)

Bullet   Research and Development (fields of research and development related to P.R. Sarkar's legacy)

Bullet   Outreach (educational media related to P.R. Sarkar's teachings)

We welcome input, participation and contributions from anyone interested in being involved in the project: researchers, historians, scholars, students, teachers, writers, artists, filmmakers, technicians, etc.