A Comprehensive Guide to the Study of Prout
A Handbook of Prout
A Look at Decentralized Economy and the Cooperative System
A Look at Progress, Utilization and Theory
A Look at Prout, Neo-Humanism and Self-Reliance
A Look at the Progressive Utilization Theory
A Look at the Theory of the Social Cycle
A Look at World Government
A New Dimension in Politics
A New Interpretation of History
A New Socio-Economic Programme for India (A Proutistic Approach)
A Proposal for a World Constitution
A Short Introduction to Prout
A Socio-Economic System for the Present Crisis
A Sociology for the New Age
After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action
After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World
An Introduction to Block Level Planning
An Introduction to Samaj
Bengal: In Search of Revolution
Capitalism Versus Prout
Casino Capitalism
Concealed Hand of Adam Smith
Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World
Creating Prosperous Communities
Developmental Planning: A Proutistic Perspective
Ecomoney: A Monetary System Rooted in Nature
Economic Renaissance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Elements of Progress
Explaining Prout: A Brief Introduction to the Progressive Utilization Theory
Fundamental Principals of Prout
Fundamentals of Prout
Glimpses of Prout Philosophy
Growing a New Economy: Beyond Crisis Capitalism and Environmental Destruction
How to Prepare for the Coming Depression
Human Story
Implementing Prout for a Sin-Free Suffering-Free Society
India Faces Shudra Revolution
Liberation of Culture
Maharlika: In Search of Identity
Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival
Neo-Humanism: The Base of an Alternative Socio-Economic System
New Aspects of Prout
New Humanism
On Cooperative System
People’s Uprising in India
Political Economic Concept of Prout
Principles for a Balanced Economy
P.R. Sarkar: Beacon of Hope for Suffering Humanity
Progressive Socialism
Progressive Utilization Theory: Prout
Prout: A New Paradigm of Development
Prout: A New Sunrise in a New World
Prout: A New Theory of Progressive Socialism
Prout: A New Voice for All Living Beings
Prout: Alternative to Capitalism and Communism
Prout: As Propounded in Ananda Sutram
Prout: Humanistic Socialism and Economic Democracy
Prout: Neosocialism of 21st Century
Prout: Neo-Humanistic Economics
Prout: Notes on Socio-Economic Decentralization
Prout: Quadri-Dimensional Economy and Cooperatives
Prout: The Way to Socio-Economic Emancipation
Prout: What It Stands For
Prout and Economic Reform in India
Prout and the Implementation of the Freedom Charter in South Africa
Prout at a Glance
Prout Economics
Prout Explained: A Brief Introduction to the Progressive Utilization Theory
Prout Giita
Prout in Power: Policy Solutions that Reframe Our Futures
Prout Manifesto
Prout Primer
Prout Samaj and Neo-Humanism
Prout Social Analysis
Prout Upanishad
Prout’s Concept of Politics and Economy
Prout’s Concept of World Government
Proutist Economy and India’s Brilliant Future
Questioning the Future: Methods and Tools for Organisational and Social Transformation
Revolution Handbook
Samaj: A New Dimension in Politics
Seven Stages: Notes from the Diary of a Spiritual Revolutionary
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Ideals for New Era
Situating Sarkar
Social Dynamics and Social Movements
Social Progress: Prout and Dialectics
Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Government
Spiritual Vision of Society
The Cosmic Society
The Eight Principles of Economic Democracy
The Fall of Materialist Theories and the Rise of Progressive Socialism
The Liberation of Class
The Modernization of Islam and the Creation of a Multipolar World Order
The New Era
The New Wave
The Prout Companion
The Two Faces of Communism
The Way of Peace
Tools to Change the World
Transcending Boundaries
Understanding Prout: Essays on Sustainability and Transformation
Understanding Sarkar
Universal Humanism
World Government: A Reality of the 21st Century

Ravi Batra books:

Common Sense Macroeconomics
End Unemployment Now
Greenspan’s Fraud
Muslim Civilization and the Crisis in Iran
Political Economic Concept of Prout
Prout and Economic Reform in India
Prout: An Economic Solution to Poverty
Prout: The Alternative to Capitalism and Marxism
Regular Cycles of Money, Inflation, Regulation and Depressions
Regular Economic Cycles
Stock Market Crashes of 1998 and 1999
Surviving the Great Depression of 1990
The Crash of the Millennium
The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism
The Great American Deception
The Great Depression of 1990
The Myth of Free Trade
The New Golden Age
The Pooring of America