After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action
Ecological Economics
The Ecology of Progress
Economic Democracy: Situating Women
Politics Beyond Liberalism
Paulo Freire Interview
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A Cooperative Economy: What Might it Look Like?
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Transformative Economics Reader
Prout: Alternative Economic and Spiritual Model for the Welfare of All
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Self-Reliant Regional Proutistic Development
Tax in a Proutist Economy
An Introduction to Block Level Planning
Living Wage and Optimal Inequality in a Sarkarian Framework
A New Theory of Unemployment
Toward an Optimal Level of Income Inequality
Visions for Global Justice through the Lens of Sarkar’s Social Cycle
The Proutist Model of Economic Development
Restructuring the Market Economy
A Look at Progress Utilization and Theory
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Study of Prout
Understanding Prout: Essays on Sustainability and Transformation
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Designing a Permaculture Economy
Understanding Humanity
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