NHE resources:

In Search of Ideal Education
For Universal Minds
An Introduction to P.R. Sarkars Theories on Early Childhood Education
Neohumanism: A Renaissance in Education
Neo-Humanist Teachers Training Course
Education for Liberation
Empowering Pedagogic Design
Exploring a Neohumanistic Curricula Paradigm
Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Manual
NHE Vision Statement
Neohumanism and Education for Sustainable Development
Neohumanist Educational Futures
Circle of Love Behavioural Changes
Educating to the Connection
Neohumanist Education: Review of Academic Literature and Schools in Brazil
Neohumanist Education
New Stories to Love at School
Perceptions in Childhood and Adolescence
Space-Time Body in School
I Can Draw the Sun
Safe and Sound
Who Am I?
A New Wave of Consciousness
Tantra as Episteme
Yoga in Schools
International Educational Futures Conference
Better Teaching Teaching Tree
Childrens Yoga
A Manifesto for Teaching Love
Neo-Humanist Education
Neohumanist Education Study Guide
Nourishing a Thirst for Limitlessness
Teaching Love in Schools
The Education of Peace
A Case Study of Neo-Humanist Schools 1
A Case Study of Neo-Humanist Schools 2
Teachers in Neohumanist Education

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Non-NHE resources:

Education Today
Children and Permaculture
Contemplation and Education
Contemplative Education: A Systematic, Evidence-Based Review of the Effect of Meditation Interventions in Schools
Early Childhood Education 
Early Childhood Education and Care
Educators as Social Entrepreneurs
Embodied Education: Reflections on Sustainable Education
Good Governance
Index for Inclusion
School Communications Toolkit
Teaching Mindfulness to Children
Yoga in Early Childhood
Engineering the Shift in Consciousness
Democratic Education
Holistic Education
Early Years Learning Framework