A Brief History of Yoga
A Brief Introduction to Ananda Marga
A Glimpse of Ananda Marga
A Name to The Nameless: A Tantric Journey Through the 50 Mental Vortexes
A Sadhaka is a Soldier, a Soldier is a Sadhaka
A Spiritual Treasure of Jewels
A Thirst for Limitlessness
A Women’s Guide to Tantra Yoga
Ananda Marga
Ananda Marga: Path of Bliss
Ananda Marga: The Path of Bliss
Ananda Marga: What it is and Why it is Necessary for Humanity
Ananda Marga at a Glance
Ananda Marga Dictionary
Ananda Marga Key Ideas
Ananda Marga Meditation: Rajadhiraja Yoga
Ananda Marga Spiritual and Social Practices
Ananda Marga Spiritual Practices: The Sixteen Points
Ananda Marga Yoga
Ananda Shaktakam: Aphorisms of Divine Love and Devotion
As One Is So One Sees
Awakened Conscience
Baba on Unity
Becoming a Neohumanist
Beyond Materialism: Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century
Beyond the Superconscious Mind
Bhakti: Concept and Cult
Cakranemii (Master Units)
Call of the Messiah
Chorus of Humanity
Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation
Consciousness: The Final Frontier
Contemplations on Prabhata Samgiita
Cosmic Society
Crisis and Cure
Cultivating Revolutionaries: The Fifteen Shiilas
Cure Yourself with Yoga
Cycle of Creation
Diet for a Higher Consciousness
Don’t Just Sit There … Meditate!
Ekadashi: The Fasting Revolution
Eternal Philosophy
Fifteen Thousand Years of Tantra: The Essential History
Find Peace Within, Even in Times of Crisis
Food for Thought
Food of the Gods
Footprints of Shiva
From Faith to Freedom
From Known to Unknown
Garland of Stars
Gem’s Story
God is Cool
God: The Secret Science of Words
Great Health, Naturally! 1, 2
He Lived Among Us
Head in the Stars Feet on the Ground
Here Together Now
How an Ananda Margii is to Live
Introduction to Meditation
Introduction to Prabhata Samgiita
Kaoshiki: Effective Workout for More Strength, Energy and Flexibility
Karma, Mind and Quest for Happiness
Legacy of Our Baba: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Liberating the Mad Monkey (The Awakening of Self)
Meditation: Searching for the Real You
My Beloved Baba
My Life with Spirituality and ALS
Mysticism in Prabhat Samgiit
Neohumanism: A Commentary
Neohumanism: A Vision for a New World (New Vision, New World)
Neohumanism: An Ideology for a New Generation
Neohumanism: Foundation for a New Society
Neohumanist Ecology
On a Boat of Loneliness
On the Path
On the Spiritual Journey
P.R. Sarkar on History
Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar… Poet, Author, Philosopher
‪Prabhat Samgiit: Songs of the Ne‬w‪ Dawn‬
Prabhat Samgiita: Ceremony, Festival and Songs of Various Themes
Prabhat Samgiita Dictionary
Prabhata Samgiita (First Vol.)
Prabhata Samgiita and the Emerging Universal Renaissance
Prabhata Samgiita: A Literary and Philosophical Appreciation
Prabhata Samgiita: Blissful Flow of Life
Prabhata Samgiita: Frequently Asked Questions
Prabhata Samgiita: Selected Songs
Prabhata Samgiita: Songs of Neohumanism
Prabhata Samgiita: The Lyrics and their English Rendering, Vol. I.
Prabhata Samgiita (Music Notation) First Vol.
Prabhata Samgiita Pariciti
Quotable Quotes of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar on Women
Right Side Up
Sacred Body, Sacred Spirit: A Personal Guide to the Wisdom of Yoga and Tantra
Secrecy of Tantra
Seer, Philosopher: Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Sentient Health
Seven Secrets of Success
Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar: Great Intellectual
Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar: Beacon of Hope for Suffering Humanity
Shrii P. R. Sarkar and His Mission
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji’s Ideals for a New Era
Some Still Want the Moon
Songs of the New Dawn: Selected Song-Poems of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Spirituality: Need of the Day
Spirituality and Society
Spiritual Vision of Society
Start Meditation, Stop Smoking
Tantra: The Eternal Science
Tantra: The Yoga of Love and Awakening
Tantric Biopsychology
Tantric Women Tell Their Stories
The 3-Day Juice Recharge!
The 5 Steps of Yoga Meditation
The Awakening of Self (Liberating the Mad Monkey)
The Beauty of Prabhat Saungiit
The Conscious Universe: A Commentary on Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Ananda Sutram
The Chorus of Humanity
The Cosmic Kaleidoscope
The Cosmology of Being
The Ethics of Love
The Five Steps of Yoga Meditation: Spiritual Science in Practice
The Fundamentals of Tantra Yoga
The Great Universe
The Journey of Self-Discovery (precursor to Close Your Eyes)
The Light of Knowledge
The Path of Bliss: Ananda Marga Yoga
The Science of Health
The Sixteen Points: Our Fundamental Duty
The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti: A Commentary on Ananda Sutram
The Tao of Motherhood
The Thirst for Fulfillment
The Untold Story of Western Civilization
The Way of Tantra
The Wisdom of Tantra: An Introduction to Ananda Marga Philosophy
The Wisdom of Yoga
They Too Want to Live: From Animal Suffering to Animal Liberation
Thoughts for a New Era: A Neohumanist Perspective
To Color a Warrior
Two Birds: The Secret of Meditation
Universal Ideology: The Thought of P.R. Sarkar
Universal Vision
What is Ananda Marga?
What’s Wrong With Eating Meat
When the Time Comes: Conversations with Acharya Chandranath Kumar
Who Can Deliver the Goods
Yama Niyama: The Ethical Base of Yoga
Yoga: Concept and Practice
Yoga: The Path to Peace and Bliss
Yoga: The Way of Tantra (The Way of Tantra)
Yoga Dances from Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii
Yoga for Detox and Good Digestion
Yoga for Health
Yoga Health Secrets
Yoga Health Secrets
Yoga, Mind and Memory
Yoga Tales
Yoga Tattva 1, 2
Yoga Warm-Ups
Yoga Weightloss Secrets