The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti: A Commentary on Ananda Sutram
Eternal Philosophy: Questions and Answers
The Cosmic Cycle
Eternal Dance of Macrocosm: An Encyclopedia of Matter, Mind and Consciousness
Tantric Overview
Can Science Determine Moral Values?
A Teleological Argument for a Non-Material Consciousness
Consciousness: Here, There and Everywhere
On the Nature of Reality: Einstein and Tagore
The Conscious Mind
The Puzzle of Conscious Experience
Cardinal Human Values
Consciousness and its Place in Nature
Consciousness as a State of Matter 
Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness 
How Can We Construct a Science of Consciousness?
Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science 
On the Search for the Neural Correlate of Consciousness 
Perception and the Fall from Eden 
Phenomenal Concepts and the Explanatory Gap  
Quantum Theory and the Role of Mind in Nature  
The Content and Epistemology of Phenomenal Belief 
The Representational Character of Experience
What is a Neural Correlate of Consciousness? 
What is the Unity of Consciousness? 
Why Do You Believe in God? 
Death: An Interlude Between Two Activities
What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About the Hard Problem of Consciousness?
Can Panpsychism Become an Observational Science? 
Neohumanist Consciousness
A Call for an Open Informed Study of Consciousness
Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant
Conversations with the Dalai Lama 
From Consciousness and Cosmology
Meditative States of Consciousness
Why the Hard Problem is Hard
Naturalism, Theism and Scientific Practice
The Pointsman: Maxwell’s Demon, Victorian Free Will and the Boundaries of Science
Why Anything Rather Than Nothing?
The Evolution of Consciousness as a Planetary Imperative
Consciousness and Identity
The Psychophysics of Consciousness
The Grand Designer
Natural Laws and Mysticism in the Cosmic Cycle of Creation
The Consciousness Revolution in Science
A Mystical Solution to the Mind-Body Problem
The Universe as a Cyclic Organized Information System
Essays on the Mysteries of Consciousness
Consciousness and Its Evolution
Consciousness and Evolution
Cosmology and Microvita
The Cosmic Cycle: A New Scientific Paradigm for Consciousness, Cosmology and Creative Evolution
The Cosmic Cycle and Microvita
The Cosmic Cycle of Creation
The Cosmic Mind, Microvita, Viruses and the Origin of Species
A Study of Consciousness
Consciousness, Cosmology and Evolution
Theory of Consciousness and Cognition
Reducing and Deducing the Structures of Consciousness Through Meditation
The Objective Morality of Transcendent Experience


Donald Hoffman: A Universe of Consciousness
Roger Penrose: The Quantum Nature of Consciousness

Roger Penrose: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness
A Brief History of the Study of Consciousness
Amit Goswami: Quantum Physics and Consciousness 1
Amit Goswami: Quantum Physics and Consciousness 2
Amit Goswami: Quantum Physics and Consciousness 3
Bruce Greyson: Consciousness Independent of the Brain
Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris on Is There an Afterlife 
Consciousness Explained
Consciousness: The Final Frontier
Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie
David Chalmers: How Do You Explain Consciousness?
David Chalmers on the Hard Problem of Consciousness
Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow: War of Worldviews
Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Through the Afterlife
Eben Alexander Talks About His Near Death Experience
Edward Witten on Consciousness
Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness
How Close is Science to Understanding Consciousness?
Is Consciousness the Unified Field?
John Hagelin: Buddha at the Gas Pump
John Hagelin on Consciousness 1
John Hagelin on Consciousness 2
Larry Dossey on Consciousness
Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe
Peter Russell on the Reality of Consciousness
Science and Spirituality
The Awakening: Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain and Consciousness
The Hard Problem of Consciousness
The Nature of Consciousness in Big History
The Neuroscience of Consciousness
The Primacy of Consciousness
What is Consciousness?
Consciousness Affects Matter
Dean Radin on Consciousness
Is There Scientific Evidence for Spirituality?
The Belief in a World Made of Matter
What is Reality?
Unified Field Physics and a New Vision of Reality
The Conscious Universe
Does Consciousness Cause the Cosmos?
The Living Universe
Consciousness and the Mystery of Existence
Is Consciousness Fundamental to Reality?