Education Throughout the Ages
For Universal Minds
Foundations of Neohumanist Education
Gurukula Education
I Love Yoga
In Search of Ideal Education
Neo Humanistic Education
Neo-Humanist Education: A Documentation on NHE Schools Around the World
Neo-Humanist Education: Education for a New World
Neohumanism: A Renaissance in Education
Neohumanist Educational Futures
Nourishing a Thirst for Limitlessness
Start the Day With Love
Teach Me to Fly: Insights Into Early Childhood Neo-Humanist Education
The Education of Peace
The NHE Way
Unschooling in Paradise


A Manifesto for Teaching Love
Awakening to Love
Circle of Love
I Can Draw the Sun
Neohumanist Education: A Handbook for Teachers
Pst It's Quiet Time
Safe and Sound
Teaching Love in Schools
The Circle of Love
The STUVOL Leadership Program
Who Am I?
YES: Yoga Education in Schools
Yoga in Schools
Yoga Touch

Children’s books:

Didi's Children's Stories
Honey Bee and Red Lotus
I Am the Stars
In the Land of Hattamala
MV+ and the Golden Chamber
The Fairy’s Flowers
The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea
Who Can Ride the Tiger?
Yoga Roots: Shiva Stories for Children