Kiirtan albums

All My Energy
Ananda Dhara
Ananda Kanan Kiirtans
Ananda Kiirtan 1
Ananda Kiirtan 2
Ananda Kiirtan 3
Ananda Purnima
Ananda Sutram
Anirvan Deva
Argentinian Kiirtan
Avarta Kiirtan
Avarta Kiirtan
Austin Winter Retreat 2016
Ayiti Kiskeya
Baba Ami Tomake Bhalobasi
Baba Nam Kevalam
Baba Nam Kevalam
Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan
Baba Nam Kevalam Mahamantra
Baba’s Mystical Tour
Badha Vidurakan
Balkan Tunes
Best of Sukha Deva
Beyond the Silver Lining
Bliss 2
Bliss 3
Bliss - Kiirtan II
Blissful Guyana
Blissful Heights
BNK In Romania
Bond of Love
By Sumit
Calling My Beloved
Celestial Collection
Celestial Dance
Celestial Kiirtan 1
Celestial Kiirtan 2
Chandra Giita (Moon Song)
Children of the New Sunrise
Cidanandam (Eternal Bliss)
Colours of the Mind
Coming Home
Compassion 2
Cosmic Kiirtans
Cosmic Love
Cosmic Melodies
Crimson Dawn Rebirth
Dance in Ecstasy
Dancing in the Moonlight
Deep Horizon
Devotion in the Desert
Devotional Flow
Divine Chants
Divine Chants 1
Divine Chants 2
Divine Dreaming
Divine Flame
Divine Flow
Divine Fragrance
Divyamshu’s Kiirtan
Era Dynamic
Eternal Waves
Fearless Love
Fiesch May 1979
Fiesch May 2004
Final Dream
First Light
Flight of Love
Flow of Love
Flowing with Grace
Forever Yours
From Deep Down 1
From Deep Down 2
Future Sounds of Kiirtan
Ganadev - Baba Nam Kevalam
Golden Sun, Silver Moon
Heart of the Mystic
Heart of the Universe
Highs and Lows
History Kiirtans
HPMGL Kiirtan 1
HPMGL Kiirtan 2
Human Society
Il Fiume d’Amore
In the Light
Internal Divinity
It’s Time to Love
Journey Within
Kalikatha Kiirtans
Kamalkrsna Kiirtan
Kali Katha Kiirtans
Kevala Shanti
Kiirtan Bhajare
Kiirtan Breeze
Kiirtan Breeze 2
Kiirtan Breeze 3
Kiirtan Caballeros
Kiirtan Collection
Kiirtan Devata Mandala
Kiirtan e Bhajans
Kiirtan en Brasil
Kiirtan Euphoria
Kiirtan for Kenya’s Malnourished Children
Kiirtan Fusion
Kiirtan Fusion 2
Kiirtan Gayatrii
Kiirtan Gandharva
Kiirtan Ghosti (Baul)
Kiirtan Hitavrata
Kiirtan in Aid of Moldova
Kiirtan Jharna
Kiirtan Kaomudi
Kiirtan Kishalaya
Kiirtan Konnected 1
Kiirtan Konnected 2
Kiirtan Korak
Kiirtan Live 2003
Kiirtan Madhurima
Kiirtan Mahima
Kiirtan Mainjarii
Kiirtan Malainca
Kiirtan Malay
Kiirtan Manika
Kiirtan Manimala
Kiirtan Montana
Kiirtan Murcchana
Kiirtan Navprabhat
Kiirtan Nirjhara
Kiirtan Pranipata
Kiirtan Prerana
Kiirtan Pure and Simple
Kiirtan Ragas
Kiirtan Retreat 2019
Kiirtan Sambodhi
Kiirtan Sarala
Kiirtan Shower
Kiirtan Shuddha
Kiirtan Surabhi
Kiirtan Sura-Sancarii
Kiirtan Susama
Kiirtan Waltz
Kiirtan Wave
Kiirtans of Enlightenment
Kundalini Kirtan Remixes
La Flute du Mayombe
Let Us Move Together
Light from the Lotus Feet
Life is Simple
Light is Beautiful
Light of Baba
Live at the Dome
Madhu Giita
Madhu Karuna 2004
Madhu Karuna 2005
Magic Word
Maha Mantra
Mahaprayan 2003 London
Mahaprayan 2006
Mahaprayan 2018
Mahaprayan Kiirtan 2013
Mantra Music
Merged in Bliss
Midnight Ride
Mystical Garden
New Year 2003
New Year 2015
New Year’s Bliss 2008
New Year’s Bliss 2009
New York Kiirtans 1
New York Kiirtans 2
Night Songs
No Me Dejas Kiirtan
North Becomes South
Ofrendas de Amor
Old Growth
On Divine Laps
Only Love
Oriental Bliss
Over Joy
Peace in the Groove
Por Siempre Kiirtans
Por Siempre Kiirtans 2
Por Siempre Kiirtans 3
Pratula Demo
Pulse of the Planet
Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan Live
Rarhi Kiirtan Dream
RAWA Congo
Red Earth Fusion
Remember Love
Rhythm of the Cosmic Wave
Rising Women Kiirtan
River of Love
Russian Mystic Kiirtan
Sadvipra Evolution
Searching the Moon 1
Searching the Moon 2
Selected Kiirtans 1990-2000
Serenade to the Universe
Set Us Free
Shades of Saffron
Soft Energy
Sojha Live
Sol Aeternus
Solo Kiirtan
Song Divine
Song Divine 2
Songs from the Tree of Life
Sound of Silence
Summer Bliss 2015
Sunshine Kiirtan
Sweden New Year 2003
Sweden New Year 2004
Sweden New Year 2008
Sweden New Year 2015
Sweden New Year 2018
Sweet Surrender
Swiss Bliss
Taiwan 72 Hours Akhanda Kiirtan 2010
Taiwan Kiirtan Parikrama 2010
Taiwan Kiirtans
Take My Hand
Tempus Eternal
The Big Blue
The Clarion Call
The Eternal Companion
The Kundalinii Express
The Love That Holds Us
The Upward Spiral
Thinking of You 1
Thinking of You 2
Thinking of You 3
Thinking of You 4
Toca el Cielo
Toronto Kiirtan
Touch of Infinity
Tour of Brazil
Umoja Volume 1
Umoja Volume 2
Under the Northern Lights
Universal Chant 1
Universal Chant 2
Universal Chant 3
Unseen World
USA Kiirtans
Vermont Bliss
Western Kiirtan
Winter Bliss
Winter Bliss 2018
You’re Always Here
Zagreb Kiirtan

Prabhat Samgiita albums 

Acho Ashrudharay Mishe
Acho Chande Acho Tane
Aloker E Utsave
Alor Dharay Tumi Bhaso
Amare Grame
Amay Chotta Ekti Man Diyecho
Amay Kena Bhalobasile
Ami Chotta Ekti Man Diyecho
Amra Gare Nebo Gurukul
Ananta Apar Tumi
Bhulo Na More
By the River
Carane Rekho More
Ceyechi Tomare
Dvyuloke Bhuloke Bhariya Rayecho
E Kii Madhurata Pavane
Ek Nutaner Sur
Esechile Tumi Amar Jiivane
Eso Kache Aro Kache
Festival Songs
Ganer Shesh Kothay
Ganer Sure Anek Dure
Gare Nebo Gurukul
I Know the Path Has No Beginning
Into the Mystic
Keu Kache Peyeo Cinte Nare
Mamata Makha Nayane
Manav Samaj Abibhajya
More Saraye Rekhona Dure
Nava Ghana Niila Gagane
Ogo Nithur Hari
Pather Shuru Neiko Jani
Prane Peyechi Tomar
Priya Amar Bandhu Amar
Purvakashe Arun Heseche
Rekha Enke Dilo Alo
Sabar Apan Tumi
Sabar Haite Tumi Apanar
Sabar Priya Pranam Nio
Sabar Tumi Baraniya
Shuni Tumi Bhalobaso
Sonali Bhor
Songs of the New Dawn 1
Songs of the New Dawn 2
Songs of the New Dawn 3
Takhan Ghana Niilakash
The New Dawn
Tamasar Parapare
Tomake Cai Ami Jiivane
Tomakei Bhalobasi Amra
Tomakei Bhalobesechi
Tomakei Smaran Kari
Tomar Gane Tomar Sure
Tomar Kotha Mane Pare
Tomar Name Tomar Gane
Tomar Namer Tari Beye
Tomar Rather Caka Prabhu
Tomar Rupe Mugdha Ami
Tomar Tare Mala Gantha
Tomare Ami Bhalovasiyachi
Tomare Ami Ceyechi
Tomare Cai Ami Jiivane
Tomare Ceyechi Nikate Ami
Tomare Ceyechi Vare Vare
Tomare Jabe Dekhechinu
Tomare Janai Pranam
Tomare Khunjia Phiri (Anup Jalota)
Tomare Sevite Esechi Amra
Tomarei Ami Bhalobasiachi
Tomari Katha
Tomay Ami Nahi Jani
Tomay Ceyechi Ami Gopane
Tum Ho Mere Krsna
Tumi Acho Tai Achi
Tumi Amar Dhyan
Tumi Dure Thekona
Tumi Ele Kichau Janina
Tumi Je Dekecho Amay
Tumi Ki Alo Chariye Dile
Tumi Nije Ele
Tumi Sabar Ashar Alo
Tumi Theko Amar Dukhe Sukhete
Tumi Yadi Nahi Ele
Tvamasar Parapare
Tvamasi Sarvesam Pita
Udasi Hiyate
Vishva Bhuvan Bhore Acho
Who Else Will?
You Are Everyone’s Own
You Are Mine

Bhajan albums

An Offering
Anirvan Deva
Ananda Samgiita
Ananda Saorabha
Ananda Venu
As the World Spins Around
Baba’s Garden
Beyond the Dawn
Bhajan Bob
Bhajans by Ananda Ketana
Bhajans for Tsunami
Bhajans of Love
Brahmic Ocean
Breath of Ram
Brighter than the Sun
Bring Down the Light
Brisas de Existencia
Canciones Devocionales
Caribbean Style
Circulo de Pratica de Mantras
Cosmic Kirtan
Cosmic Mantra
Cosmic Mantra Reincarnated
Crimson Dawn
Dancing Divinity
Darkness to Light
Dharma Cakra
Dharmic Tracks
Divine Moon
Dreamer Makes His Escape
Ever Beautiful One
Every Flower Blooms for You
Fellow Man
Follow the Brown Man
Fragrance of My Heart
German Bhajans
Golden Heart
Guru Baba
I’m Just a Little Child
In Search of the Unknown Source
Inner Kingdom
Internally Eternally
Isle of View
Kundalinii Express
Kundalinii Express 2 (Mexico)
Kundalinii Express 3
Kundalinii Express Live in Concert!
Light of My Life
Living in the Moon
Lotus in the Crown
Love is the Best
Lucyan Mantras
Momentos de Vida
More Love
Moving On
My Friend Humanity
Namah Shivaya Shantaya
Nava Kumar
New Dawn
Offerings of Devotion
On the Wings of Love
Philadelphia Tracks
Philippines Crimson Dawn
Prout Movie Soundtrack
Prout Revolution
Quiescent Waves
Rain of Grace
RAWA 1976
RAWA 1992
Red Earth
Reddish Blossom
Reign of Love
Remember The Sun Will Shine
Remembering Baba
Sacred Hip-Hop
Scarlet Roses
Set Me Free
Shelter for Your Heart
Shiva Station
Shravanii Purnima
Simple Songs of Devotion
So Beautiful
Some Bhajans
Songs for Social Change
Songs to the Mother
Sounds of Divinity
Sounds of the Universe
Spiritual Smatterings
Stay a While in My Heart
Sweet Joy
Take the Leap
Tantric B-Boyism
The Bhaktas Live
The Bhaktas Live 2011
The Dharma Cakra Tape
The Fire Dragon Suite
The Garden
The Kundalini Collection
The Lily and the Moon
The Pillars of Yoga
The Return of the Magic
The Space Between Breaths
The Sweetest Word
Touched By the Sea
Trickle on Down
Unity Hours
Unity Hours 2
Unity Hours 3
Verso Te
Vestido de Luna
Vossa Voz
Warriors of the Rainbow
When the Flowers Fell Down
Where My Heart Sings
Winds of Change
Woch Nan Soley
Women We Are
You Are the Light

Instrumental albums

Breath of Love
Call of the Mystic
Darshan Atmosphere
Divine Dhrupad
Harp Seal Lullaby
Musica Neoumanista
Prabhat Samgiita Instrumentals
Silent Traveler

Childrens albums

A Song in My Heart
Circle of Love (songs from the Circle of Love manual)
Circle of Love
Circulo de Amor
Deep in My Heart
Do What You Can
Earth’s Heart Calling
Fly Like Eagles
Home of Joy
Joyful Things
Land of Enchantment
Love Grows
Sunrise Songs for Children
The Fairy’s Flowers