Biometaphysics: A Theory of Biometaphysical Genetic Transfer
Biopsychology: A New Science of Body, Mind and Soul
Biopsychology of Spiritual Practices
Eternal Dance of Macrocosm
Eternal Dance of Macrocosm Volume 2
From Imaginary Oxymora to Real Polarities and Return
In Search of Microvita: Completing the Cosmological Equation
Macrogenesis: A New Paradigm in Consciousness
Microcosmology: A New Paradigm of Relativity
Microvita: Cosmic Seeds of Life
Microvita: Exploring a New Science of Reality
Microvita: The Cosmic Secret
Microvita Secrets
Microvitology: Microvita Universal Subassembly Structures
Microvitum: A Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor
New Science, Cosmology and the Theory of Microvita
Reincarnation: Science of the Afterlife
Sacred Geometry
Science of Language: Glimpses of Varna Vijinana
The Causal Layered Analysis (CLA) Reader
The Cognitive Creative Universe: A Study of Microvita Cosmogony
The Conscious Universe: A Commentary on Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Ananda Sutram
The Fallacy of Materialism: How Consciousness Creates the Material World and Why it Matters
The Internal Being: Reincarnational and Intuitional Psychology
The Microvita Revolution
The Microvitic Atom
The Mind Phenomenon
The Mystical Science of Microvita
The Nonlocal Universe: Why Science Validates the Spiritual Worldview
The Shifting Poles (Cosmic Society Special Supplement)
The Theory of Microvitum
The Unity Principle: The Link Between Science and Spirituality
Vrttis and Cakras