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Tantra Yoga
Rajadhiraja Yoga
Reincarceration Study
History of Tantra and Yoga
Crimson Dawn Sadhana Special
The Tantra of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Towards a Cosmic Society: A Tantric Perspective
Analysis of EEG Signals with the Effect of Meditation 
Physiological Changes in Yoga Meditation
Psychophysiological Correlates of the Practice of Tantric Yoga Meditation
Physiological Characterisation of the Meditative State During Intuitional Practice
Functional Brain Mapping of the Relaxation Response and Meditation
Intensive Meditation Training, Immune Cell Telomerase Activity, and Psychological Mediators  
Meditation Acutely Improves Psychomotor Vigilance, and May Decrease Sleep Need  
Meditation and Neuroscience
Meditation Experience is Associated With Increased Cortical Thickness  
Meditation for Health Purposes
The Neural Basis of the Complex Task of Meditation
The Neurobiology of Meditation
The Psychological Effects of Meditation
Reduced Functional Connectivity in Five Meditation Traditions  
Sahaja Yoga Meditation as a Family Treatment Program for Children with ADHD  
Toward the Integration of Meditation into Higher Education 
A Systematic Review of Neurobiological and Clinical Features of Mindfulness Meditations
Benefits of Mindfulness
EEG and Meditation
Effect of Meditation on Amygdala Response
Effects of Buddhist Meditation Practices on Basic Wakefulness
Focused Attention Open Monitoring and Automatic Self-Transcending
Meditation and the Sympathetic Nervous System
Meditation States and Traits
Mindfulness Leads to Increases in Regional Brain Gray Matter Density
Mind of the Meditator
Neuroscience and Meditation
Short-Term Meditation
This is Your Brain on Mindfulness
Yoga Cumulative Report
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Psychophysiological Effects of Yoga
Yoga for Children
An Academic Overview of Tantra
Alterations in Resting-State Functional Connectivity Link Mindfulness Meditation
EEG-Guided Meditation
Long-Term Meditation Training Induced Changes in the Operational Synchrony of Default Mode Network Modules During a Resting State
Mindfulness Interventions
Mindfulness Meditation Training Alters Psychological and Neuroendocrine Responses to Social Evaluative Stress
Mindfulness Meditation Training Alters Stress-Related Amygdala Resting State Functional Connectivity
Mindfulness Meditation Training Effects on HIV Infected Adults
Trait Lasting Alteration of the Brain Default Mode Network in Experienced Meditators
A Systematic Evidence-Based Review of the Effect of Meditation Interventions in Schools
Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People
Yoga for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being
Eckhart Tolle on the Power of Now
Attention Regulation and Monitoring in Meditation
Neuroplasticity and Meditation
Regulation of the Neural Circuitry of Emotion by Compassion Meditation
Early Buddhist Meditation Studies
Contemplative Science: Four Challenges
Sarkar and the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths
Shiva and the Primordial Tradition
Mindfulness Meditation and the Brain
A Brief Alternative History of Yoga
Effect of Yoga Lessons on Young Children’s Executive Functioning
How Meditation Affects the Brain
Coupling of Respiration and Attention
A Brief History of Yoga and Tantra: Conversation with Ramesh Bjonnes
Meditation Increases Compassionate Responses to Suffering
Event-Related Potential and Behavioural Differences in Affective Self-Referential Processing in Long-Term Meditators Versus Controls
Consciousness, Self-Consciousness and Meditation
Examining the Effects of Meditation Techniques on Psychosocial Functioning
Immersion, Absorption, and Spiritual Experience
Alpha and Theta Brain Oscillations
Alpha and Theta Oscillations and Meditation Depth
Characteristics of Kundalini-Related Sensory, Motor, and Affective Experiences During Tantric Yoga Meditation
Meditation: Biochemistry and Research
Meditation Benefits: How and Why
Ananda Marga Tantra Yoga
Tantra: The Quest for the Ecstatic Mind
Tantra Reilluminated
Yantra and Cakra in Tantric Meditation
The Neuroscience of Meditation
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